Pink Coloured Limos

Pink Coloured Limos

So you are looking at hiring a limo for your wedding, hen's night or business lunch. Now, having decided on a stretch or standard limousine you may think the decisions about your grand entrance in a luxury car are finished, but have you considered all of the different colours you can choose from?

Of course white is generally the traditional colour for a wedding limousine as it will match with the bride and continue the symbolism of white meaning purity and a new beginning. White is also a good choice for prom night as a white limo will contrast with the night and shine and sparkle in the lights of the city. A white limo will also coordinate with the christening gown of your little one when you hire a limo for you and your new baby on their christening day.

Grey, silver or black limousines are often chosen for funerals because of their muted, neutral and sombre colour. Limos are often hired for funerals to transport the close family on this sad day. Black limos are also a good choice for business meetings, airport transports or important business clients as they are understated and will not embarrass your client in their glamour but will still be classy enough to show they are important.

Pink limos are a great choice for a hen's night party. Getting all of your girls together in a pink limo is a great way to begin a night on the town. Or the very open minded groom may even consent to the wedding cars being pink limousines to match the bride's tastes or the bridesmaid's dresses. If you are going to the prom with a group of your girlfriends, you may also want to consider a pink limo as the girliest possible way to arrive in style. Speaking of girly, you can also hire a pink limo for your daughter's birthday party or to bring your new baby girl home form the hospital.

Or is red more your thing, because you can also be chauffeured by hunky firemen in a red fire engine limousine. Fire engine limos are also great for a stag night as they are one of the toughest looking limos around or they are also a good choice for your son's birthday party. The fire engine limos also come in pink too to suit a hen's night or girl's night out.

For more information about these different coloured limos or to book one for your next special night, contact Pink Limo Hire now.

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