Hummers as Police Cars

Hummers as Police Cars

In the UK, Hummers have a reputation and image as being luxury transport, in the form of party bus limousines. Party bus limousines have exploded onto the streets of the UK and come in a number of different models, but the most recognisable is the Hummer. Hummer limousines are often hired for stag nights of boys' nights out for their tough image.

However, Down Under, Melbourne police have been criticised for accepting the offer of a local Hummer dealer, to use Hummers as police vehicles in high crime and violence areas. The Police Association have decided that the best way to tackle violence in the area is with more of a visible impact, and there is no more impacting visual than a Hummer careening towards you!

The idea is that the police Hummers will look so different from the regular police vehicles that the presence of the police in the Melbourne area will be immediately recognised and hopefully this will curb any violent behaviour as potential criminals know they are being watched. Critics are saying that in bringing a war vehicle (since the Hummers are descended from the military Hum vees) into a war zone' is not the way to solve the problem, and the Victorian Premier of course admits that the problem with local violence cannot just be solved in a week or a month with a quick solution like increased police presence.

So while putting the police in Hummers may seem like an interesting (i.e. ridiculous) solution in the UK, where Hummers are seen as party bus limousines and are associated with stag nights and prom students, and the criminals would probably run towards the Hummer in the hope of a stocked limo bar and a free ride home, if the police Hummers in Victoria stop even one more violent attack because criminals have been deterred by the (imposing) presence of local police, isn't that a good thing?

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