Environmentally Friendly Limo Hire

Environmentally Friendly Limo Hire

In one of the busiest and most polluted cities in the world, the Taxi and Limousine Commission of New York City have voted unanimously to make their black cars green. Aptly named because of their effect on the environment through their high emissions and high fuel consumption, the black cars are actually generally Lincoln Town Cars which are used by New Yorkers, the way we use our corporate limousines.

In turning the black limousines green, the Taxi and Limousine Commission has approved the proposal to increase the energy efficiency of their limousines and bring the emissions of the limousines used for corporate clients, into figures which were previously only achievable by using hybrid vehicles.

The vote to lower the emissions of the city's limousines will also work together with the Commission's vote in December to apply the same emissions standards to the yellow cab fleet. These new initiatives will see over 23,000 yellow cab and black limousines become more fuel efficient.

These changes will mean lower fuel costs for the limousine chauffeurs who often spend a lot of time idling while waiting to pick up passengers, and the emissions will also be reduced for the pedestrians and residents of New York City. The changes to the limousines will also keep the city on track for achieving its goal of being truly sustainable.

The changes are expected to cut the emissions from the 10,000 black limousines in half, with support coming from the Partnership for New York City, the black car industry and the businesses and clients who will continue to utilise the limousine services during their transition period. With taxes and restrictions already in place to regulate and reduce the emissions from the limousines in our larger cities, there is always a way you can personally make a difference.

For more information about hiring an environmentally friendly limousine, or advice on how to make your limousine ride more fuel efficient, contact Pink Limo Hire now.

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