TV Guest Pink Limo Hire

TV Guest Pink Limo Hire

While there are many men who are stay at home dads and are home during the day, the majority of day time TV is still aimed at mums who have spent the morning feeding, entertaining and then coaxing to sleep their kids and need a bit of time to chill out.

Therefore, there are a lot of talk shows with female hosts and female guests talking about their inspirational journeys or their successful business empire. Therefore, in true girl style, these guests should arrive to the TV studio in a pink limo for their spot on the talk show.

Pink limos come in a range of different sizes so if the guest is bringing a large entourage she can arrive in a super stretch pink limo, but if she is simply coming in by herself for a quick guest spot, a simple long wheelbase luxury pink sedan would be the prefect transport option.

Arriving for an interview in a private pink limo will ensure that the guest feels special and appreciated as they are taking time out of their schedule to come on TV. The guest may have even had to fly in from another part of the country and so the pink limo may have also picked her up from the airport to ensure she is completely looked after.

The limousine chauffeur will also help with any bags and luggage she has and will make sure they are there to open the doors and help this special guest in and out of their pink limo.

After being treated like a star, this special guest will feel very relaxed and in control, even if she has travelled a long way or has a business to get back to. Therefore, she will make an excellent guest for whichever day time chat show she is headed for and the host will get a perfect interview.

For more information about hiring a pink limo so you can be treated just like a special guest, contact Pink Limo Hire now.

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