Pink Limo Fascination

Pink Limo Fascination

Here in the UK we love our pink limousines. They are popular with hen's nights, girl's nights, little girl's birthdays and can even be seen as wedding cars for bridal parties with very understanding grooms.

The pink limousines are one of the most popular limousines for hire and limo hire companies with pink limos on their books often find they can barley keep up with the demand.

Pink limousines are available in Hummer H2s and Excursions, as well as a variety of other limousines which have been transformed into pink party-mobiles. However, pink limos seem to be a UK fascination as the pink limos taken to the Orlando Limousine Show recently were met with horror from the American limousine hire companies. So is it simply that the US limo hire company operators and chauffeurs feel silly running pink limos or is there simply no demand for the unique and gorgeous pink limos?

While the majority of those in the US limo hire market scoff at the thought of a pink limo for hire, the few US limo hire companies who do take the plunge and go pink have found a huge demand for their attention grabbing limos.

It is the impression that a pink limousine represents one of a kind indulgence and it is not worth hiring out a pink limousine if only ostentatious celebrity types are going to hire it from you.

But it doesn't really matter if the Americans don't get' hiring a pink limo, because here in the UK we know that a pink limousine is a chance to be noticed, to indulge the little girl in all of us bigger girls and have a great night out.

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