Explore Harrods History

Explore Harros History

Harrods is without a doubt one of London's most exclusive and extensive department stores and should unquestionably be included in any shopping tour of the city. However, if you are going to visit Harrods, shouldn't you do so in the style of many of the store's more famous guests and arrive at the entrance in a chauffeur driven limousine?

While you are deciding between the pink limo and the silver limo for your upmarket shopping trip, have you considered the humble beginnings of one of the most famous department stores in the world?

Harrods first opened its doors in 1849 and has prided itself on maintaining and providing a reputation for excellence and ensuring that nothing is too much trouble for the customers. The magnificent and colourful history and reputation of Harrods comes as much from its products and services as it does from the people the store has welcomed through its doors.

Harrods has been influenced by visits from No�l Coward, Sigmund Freud, Oscar Wilde, Queen Mary, AA Milne and Pierce Brosnan, while making way for new visitors, new inspiration and new ways to surprise and delight everyone who comes to call.

The founder of Harrods, Charles Henry Harrod first stepped into the business in 1834 when he set up a wholesale grocer in Stepney in London's East End which specialised in tea. To escape the filth of the inner city, Harrod took over a small shop in the new district of Knightsbridge in 1849. This small shop was the original site of the current store.

Working from a single room with two assistants and a messenger boy, Harrod's son Charles Digby built the business into a thriving store which sold medicines, perfume, stationery, fruit and vegetables. By 1880, Harrods had expanded to include the surrounding buildings and employed 100 staff members.

The initial boom of Harrods was curtailed in 1883 when the store burnt to the ground in early December. Despite the loss of his store, Charles Digby fulfilled all of his Christmas orders that year too, making a record profit. A new building rose in place of the old one and once rebuilt, was able to extend lines of credit to its customers, some of whom included Oscar Wilde.

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