Emergency Wedding Limo Hire

Emergency Wedding Limo Hire

Your wedding preparations are bound to be fraught with drama and indecision. Are pink bridesmaids alright for a winter wedding? If we invite Bob and Jill from next door do we have to invite John and Jane from across the road?

Plus, a modern wedding is often a bottomless pit of grey areas; how do the bride and groom not see each other before the wedding if they live together? Can the bride really wear white? Where should your step-mother's mother-in-law sit?

However nothing confuses a situation easier and faster than money and this is especially true when organising a wedding. So who pays for this modern wedding where the bride and groom both work, both have high paying jobs - often higher paying than their parents?

Well in the confusion of the organisation, it can be easy to over look or forget to clarify who exactly is paying for what part of the wedding. Therefore it is easy to go ahead and organise and book aspects of your dream wedding under the assumption your families will be splitting the costs.

However, your wedding day may be fast approaching and reception venues and limo hire companies are asking for their deposits or final payments and your future parents-in-law have decided that they aren't going to be paying for any of the wedding, when you had them marked out as paying for your wedding cars.

You know what they say �you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family', and unfortunately you can't choose your fianc�'s family either. What you had chosen were your dream wedding limos and now you don't have enough room in your budget to have the limos you had picked out.

But don't worry, Limo Broker has access to limo hire companies around the UK and can find your exact, perfect, dream wedding limos at a fraction of the price you were expecting your future parents-in-law to help out with.

We can even find the perfect convoy of wedding limos at short notice so don't think you will be reduced to arriving at your wedding in your brother's station wagon because you can still have your dream wedding limos and they will fit perfectly into what is left of your wedding budget.

If you need help to save your wedding day plans, contact Pink Limo Hire now.

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